AIAG Certified- TPI provides assembly operations from simple to the most complex, using manual as well as fully automated techniques. We provide both in-cycle and off-line assembly and pride ourselves on a disciplined and detailed approach to APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) through the effective use of tools such as timelines, control plans, FMEA, operator instructions and problem solving techniques throughout our operation. These disciplines are particularly beneficial with complexities that assembly operations can create. We can completely assure quality and performance that meets or exceeds the customer expectations.

pad print wide

Pad printing

Controlled environment.

Demonstrated capability that has produced millions of components.

Established in 3 of our 4 facilities with the expertise to develop at each location.


Heat transfer decorating

Decades of experience for all types of part decorating.

Recreational, Outdoor, and Automotive markets.

ultrasonic welded

Ultrasonic, vibratory and hot plate welding

Decades of experience in part joining.

50 million + components sold in the industry through part joining.

Troubleshooting expertise and tight tolerances through precision molding.

Inline Fixture

Poka-yoke integration in assembly

Secondary equipment that includes the sensor capability to detect part rejects prior to making it to the operator.

Expertise available through the company for screw installation assembly measuring not just torque; however, revolutions pending part design and requirements.


Vision system confirmation

Driver in quality through PPM reduction and first time yield.

Vision system cameras utilized to minimize the opinion related human element in the part requirements.

Assembly 2

Manual and automated assembly

Torque assembly

Part designed snap features

Component assembly through secondaries and semi-manual processes.

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We execute the visions of our Customer to bring them to a reality, on time through the focus of cross-functional teams meeting the Customer milestone steps.