Engineering & Project Management

Our Engineering team is hands-on and ever-present in the onboarding and continuing improvement phases of production and growth. Our Engineering and Program Management team works closely with the production team to ensure Thomson Plastics is always looking ahead and finding ways to add value to our customers’ process and products. We maintain a transparent relation to ensure dialog is forthcoming , open, and straight forward.

Matt Design

Design for Manufacturability

TPI has the proven expertise to assist our customers during the early phases of component design and development. Our detail-oriented engineering team utilizes the latest CAD mold flow analysis and peer reviews to assure that parts and tooling are designed right the first time. Our team works in conjunction with customers to ensure that material selection meets the requirements of their product.

Tool Design

Tooling Design & Management

TPI will manage the design, build and prove-out to assure the tooling and molds will produce the desired part. Through the use of our 5-phase APQP process, we assure that each critical stage of the project is identified, tracked, reported and completed on time.

Production Forklift

Just-In-Time Delivery

Through a sophisticated ERP system, which is integrated throughout every aspect of our business, TPI receives customer releases and future demand forecasts to assure that appropriate quantities of the product will be delivered on time.


Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE)

Working with your company in the design phase, as well as throughout the life of your product, TPI assures that the best manufacturing practices and optimum materials are being used. Further, we will work to assure that they can be assembled at your facility with the least number of components and meet or exceed your needs and expectations.

On Site

On Site Representative

TPI provides on-site representatives as needed to work with your team daily to assure your high volume production lines continue operation and to assure transparent and positive communication between both companies.

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We execute the visions of our Customer to bring them to a reality, on time through the focus of cross-functional teams meeting the Customer milestone steps.