Thomson Plastics, Inc. installs spotting press

Effort strengthens PM program and customer support

Thomson, GA — Thomson Plastics Inc. (TPI) has announced the installation of a spotting press to strengthen the company’s preventive maintenance (PM) program and provide increased support to its injection molding customers.

The investment allows TPI to internally increase performance capability for tool maintenance and repair. This enhances overall product quality and consistency, while minimizing production downtime and customer costs.

Though located at TPI’s Georgia headquarters, the company’s facilities in Lexington, NC, Duncan, SC, and Howell, MI, will be able to utilize the spotting press capabilities to serve their customers, as well.

As the premier large-tonnage injection molding firm in the Southeast since 1995, TPI continues to invest in the equipment and people needed to exceed customer expectations for quality, delivery, and price.

The company is currently in the second year of fulfilling its five-year strategic plan to invest in and to refresh its fleet of injection molding equipment across all four facilities by the close of 2026. Although there are thousands of companies that can turn plastic pellets into parts, Thomson Plastics is one of only a handful that can utilize as much as 4,400 tons to do so.

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Thomson Plastics, Inc. is the leader in large tonnage injection molding in the South East. We have capabilities up to 4400 tons of clamping force and have numerous machines at multiple locations to complete this. Size and scale of everyday activities meet the needs of our current customers. We are trendsetters with robotics to give time off and keep production efficient. Keeping things moving, no matter what.

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