What We Do

We are the leader in large tonnage injection molding in the South East. We have capabilities up to 3700 tons of clamping force (30% of fleet is above 1000T) and have multiple machines at multiple locations to complete this. Size and scale of everyday activities meet the needs of the current 5-6 core customers. We are trendsetters with robotics to give time off and keep production efficient. Keeping things moving, no matter what.

Injection Molding

TPI has a broad press capability ranging from 66 tons to 3700 tons of clamp force, enabling us to produce parts of all sizes with particular expertise in medium and large-sized parts. Additionally, we can achieve the most demanding surface finishes, including Class-A, high gloss, and clear acrylic.

Gas Assist

Gas-assisted injection molding

This service is for large, dense parts that are made with a hollow inside.

Used in cost saving initiatives for weight reduction and cycle time reduction. Process strength in all 4 facilities with the know how to update to any facility in a matter of days. Thomson has the infrastructure to feed the Nitrogen gas to any injection molding machines directly vs. bottle that creates its own safety and process concerns. In our GA and NC plants, investment previously made for a 1500 Gallon external tank that allows for the proper infrastructure. Investment made in 2021 of $500,000 to improve high pressure gas control equipment that includes diagnostic information through USB data transfer.

Decades of experience as a leader in gas assist molding.

Gas Assist qualification through destructive testing and weight management.



Substrate (polyprop) steering wheel and mold it, store it, and put it in another machine where it is molded with a second material with soft touch.

Mostly in the Outdoor and Automotive markets for Steering wheels, shifter handles, and cargo organization storage aka. Bookends.

Over 5 million overmolding steering wheels produced at Thomson Plastics to service the Recreational and Lawn and Garden markets.

Engine Cover

Insert molding

Cost Benefits through Value Add / Value Engineering.

Used primarily in the Recreational, Lawn and Garden, and Light Industrial markets.

Components robotically installed to precision tolerances.

Adhere metal to plastic during the molding process for better part integrity vs. a post molding process.

Multiple insert types from different materials, shapes, weights, etc. is utilized at Thomson through collaborative robots which helps improve cycle time.

Over 100s of millions of components produced in the history of Thomson Plastics through successful insert molding.


In-mold label (IML or IMD)

For critical safety applications and can not miss warnings embedded in the part. Decorative and Critical applications for sales, marketing, and branding.

Tight tolerances to precision molding.

Robotic install with static charge.

Secondaries design external and internal for proper label presentation and precise label placement through cameras.

Need to include Laser Etching.

1 million parts laser etched each year for the past 3 years at Thomson Plastics.


Robotics & part picking

In addition to linear actuation robotics, we have collaborative robotics in place from production to packaging.

Automation to get ahead of the labor shortage.

95% of our machines include robotics.

Ranging from 3 to 6 axis.

In-House personnel to design, install, customize and maintain robots including end-of-Arm Tooling.

Partnering with a 3rd party robotics group to stay on the leading edge of technology.


RJG master molders (Decoupling Process)

Qualification process used for Process Engineering, Tech., and Managers.

Multiple Master Molders certified throughout Organization.

Establish scientific processes that allow us to be competitive in the market with not just price but quality as well.

Troubleshooting problems and providing solutions.

Our expertise is our customers advantage.


AIAG Certified- TPI provides assembly operations from simple to the most complex, using manual as well as fully automated techniques. We provide both in-cycle and off-line assembly and pride ourselves on a disciplined and detailed approach to APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) through the effective use of tools such as timelines, control plans, FMEA, operator instructions and problem solving techniques throughout our operation. These disciplines are particularly beneficial with complexities that assembly operations can create. We can completely assure quality and performance that meets or exceeds the customer expectations.

pad print wide

Pad Printing

Controlled environment.

Demonstrated capability that has produced millions of components.

Established in 3 of our 4 facilities with the expertise to develop at each location.


Heat Transfer Decorating

Decades of experience for all types of part decorating.

Recreational, Outdoor, and Automotive markets.

ultrasonic welded

Ultrasonic, Vibratory, & Hot Plate Welding

Decades of experience in part joining.
50 million + components sold in the industry through part joining.

Troubleshooting expertise and tight tolerances through precision molding.

Inline Fixture

Poka-Yoke Integration in Assembly

Secondary equipment that includes the sensor capability to detect part rejects prior to making it to the operator.

Expertise available through the company for screw installation assembly measuring not just torque; however, revolutions

Vision System

Vision System Confirmation

Driver in quality through PPM reduction and first time yield.

Vision system cameras utilized to minimize the opinion related human element in the part requirements.

Assembly 2

Manual & Automated Assembly

Torque assembly

Part designed snap features

Component assembly through secondaries and semi-manual processes.

Engineering & Project Management

We are full service, not a’la carte with these and we are here to help no matter what stage your product is currently in. Our expertise is your advantage. We execute the visions of our Customer to bring them to a reality, on time through the focus of cross-functional teams meeting the Customer milestone steps.


Let our Engineering and Program Management team be the voice inside our organization for our Customer.

Matt Design

Design for Manufacturability

TPI has the proven expertise to assist our customers during the early phases of component design and development. Our detail-oriented engineering team utilizes the latest CAD mold flow analysis and peer reviews to assure that parts and tooling are designed right the first time. Our team works in conjunction with customers to ensure that material selection meets the requirements of their product.

Tool Design

Tooling Design & Management

TPI will manage the design, build and prove-out to assure the tooling and molds will produce the desired part. Through the use of our 5-phase APQP process, we assure that each critical stage of the project is identified, tracked, reported and completed on time.

Production Forklift

Just-In-Time Delivery

Through a sophisticated ERP system, which is integrated throughout every aspect of our business, TPI receives customer releases and future demand forecasts to assure that appropriate quantities of the product will be delivered on time


Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE)

Working with your company in the design phase, as well as throughout the life of your product, TPI assures that the best manufacturing practices and optimum materials are being used. Further, we will work to assure that they can be assembled at your facility with the least number of components and meet or exceed your needs and expectations.

On Site

On Site Representative

TPI provides on-site representatives as needed to work with your team daily to assure your high volume production lines continue operation and to assure transparent and positive communication between both companies.

Our expertise
is your

We execute the visions of our Customer to bring them to a reality, on time through the focus of cross-functional teams meeting the Customer milestone steps.